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NDRC FinTech Finale Blog

After 6 short, enjoyable weeks, the teams arrived on a mild Wednesday morning ready and confident to deliver their pitches on the final day of NDRC FinTech.

After some brief updates from each team, Gary Leyden, Commercial Director at NDRC, gave the final module, Investor Readiness. This compiled some of the basics of what investors look for during a pitch, including types of revenue streams, the competitive advantage and describing the journey taken by the start-up.

Following the break, the teams put the final refinements and practice runs together for their pitches. As part of the final leg of the ‘Lunch & Learn’ series, Brian Weakliam, Founder and CEO of Bankhawk Analytics, drew on about his experiences as he built his company, emphasising that “Hard work, dedication and effort go a huge way to making the breakthrough that’s, very often, just around the corner.”

As the teams ran through their final practice runs, guests started to arrive into NDRC to witness the NDRC FinTech Finale. With nerves creeping in and excitement becoming increasingly palpable, the teams were eager to start.

Once all guests were welcomed, Helen introduced the panel of judges for the finale. Gene Murphy, EIR at Bank of Ireland; Giles O’Neill, Regional Director at Enterprise Ireland; Morgan Lynch, CEO at Senddr; Brian McCabe, Head of EMEA Product Development and Innovation; David Bowles, Investor at Delta Partners; and Gary Leyden, Commercial Director at NDRC. In total, there were 11 excellent pitches, with each team attempting to win over the panel of judges.

Plexus allows businesses build applications without IT skills incorporating blockchain, smart contracts & digital signatures.

Document Exchange is an electronic documentation exchange utility verifying client and corporate identity for KYC and AMI.

Hublio is a mobile insurance & finance assistant., providing a holistic view of policies, finances & pensions on a secure platform.

Xtra Interest is an instant access high interest current and savings account that pays users back on their investments.

Step2 is a digital security for real life authentication within 2-step verification of financial services & online banking platforms.

Credit Lab use a credit intelligence system to solve the problem of credit recognition & credit mobility for those living abroad.

Split is a digital asset management platform powered by Blockchain technology that will disrupt the real estate market.

APMS reduces manual labour required or associated with covenant compliance & portfolio monitoring in banks & financial institutions.

BLOCKCAPITALS is the first platform for car insurance that makes it easier for drivers to buy and insurers to sell.

MOCO is a parent monitored app & contactless payments wearable designed to help teach children the ‘Value of Money’.

Life Goals is a digital platform to manage a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange traded funds using goal based investing.

The judges then retired to deliberate on their chosen winner. In the meantime, the public vote for the Peoples’ choice went online with over 1,600 votes casted. As the judges returned with their chosen winner, Gary announced that the Peoples’ Choice Award went to Kevin Sands and his idea, Split.

Gary Leyden announced that the overall winners of NDRC FinTech were…

Credit Lab!

Marlon and his team identified a common problem and created a simple, scalable and customer orientated platform that won over the judges to take home the prize. Credit Lab’s willingness to learn, adapt and work diligently with the mentors, coaches and customers right up to the final day paid off, culminating in a truly brilliant pitch.

NDRC FinTech was a fantastic experience for all involved. The opportunity to learn from fantastic mentors, the inspiration delivered by superb speakers and the willingness of the teams to work together over 6 weeks really made for a magical experience. The exciting future of Ireland’s FinTech industry remains well and truly in safe hands.