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Journey of Disruption: Pascal Bouvier


Come and join us as we talk all things FinTechTo support our FinTech initiative, we are hosting a talk with Pascal Bouvier, Venture Partner, Santander InnoVentures.Pascal is an investor and FinTech expert who has been active as a venture capitalist in the financial services industry for the past 6 years. Pascal currently serves as Venture Partner with Santander Innoventures. Prior to that, he was General Partner with Route 66 Ventures where he built and managed the firm’s venture arm into a top 20 global FinTech investor. He brings years of experience as an operator of businesses and startups across different sizes and stages, an executive with large financial institutions, and an investor in the financial services industry. Prior to entering the VC space, Pascal worked in various commercial, merchant and investment banking roles across both Europe and the US.