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NDRC FinTech

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What is the FinTech Pre-Accelerator Programme?

Startup ventures are applying new business models and technologies to disrupt and reshape the financial services industry on a global scale. Whether payments, mobile payments, trading, big data, insurance, aircraft leasing, funds administration, risk, regulation and compliance tech, business intelligence, consumer focused currency exchange, peer to peer lending or retail banking, FinTech is redefining the financial services experience.

The NDRC FinTech Pre-Accelerator is a partnership initiative between NDRC and Bank of Ireland with the aim of surfacing digital solutions with the potential to disrupt and solve global financial services challenges. Specifically we are looking for ideas with:

  1. Technology/digital at the heart of the solution
  2. Global scalability
  3. Teams with the ability to deliver


Who can apply?

We are seeking both ‘Idea Owners’ and ‘Skilled Professionals’ wishing to join a team. These may include:

  • Business professionals, commercial experts (law, finance, business development, sales and marketing)
  • Creatives, designers, inventors
  • Customer experience experts
  • Engineers with experience in building great products
  • Financial services professionals (banking insurance, funds management, aircraft leasing, regulation, security, blockchain)
  • Researchers and academics
  • Seasoned FinTech entrepreneurs

Broadcast NDRC FinTech

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NewsWhip shows what matters now. It tracks millions of stories each day on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and singles out those being being shared and talked about the most. Its “social velocity” algorithm can predict big viral stories with 80% accuracy. NewsWhip’s professional platform, Spike, is used daily by hundreds of journalists, PR professionals and marketers around the world. Established clients include BuzzFeed, the BBC, CNN, NBC News, Digitas and News Corp.

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The Swequity Exchange

Launched at NDRC in Summer 2012, Swequity is Europe’s first ‘Pre-Accelerator’. Based on NDRC’s experience of meeting many single-person startups struggling to get off the ground, Swequity was conceived to enable idea-holders to find the right team – of designers, developers, marketers, and technologists – and to create their digital technology startup. Once formed, NDRC works with each new team to prepare their early-stage investor pitch in just 6 weeks. To date, 18 startups have been developed through Swequity, 8 of which have already secured follow on investment

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We at Vivos believe that everyone was born with a unique blend of skills, talents and interests.  We believe that something magical happens when you find the thing that suits your unique blend best.  We believe that is when you come alive. That is Vivos.

We allow users to define their dream job – without constraints. We allow employers to define the perfect employee – without constraints. We then match their preferences and introduce one to the other.

Discovering your dream career can sometimes involve more than one single step. It’s a personal career discovery journey. We want to take you on that journey. We want to give you the courage to dream. We want you to experience Vivos.