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NDRC HealthTech

Are You a Skilled Participant? – Apply Here

What is the HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme?

The HealthTech pre-accelerator is a partnership initiative between NDRC and e-Health Ireland (a part of the HSE), with the aim of surfacing digital health technology that has the potential to disrupt and solve global healthcare challenges.

HealthTech is looking for health tech startups with a vision to create a new healthcare future. Health is being revolutionised from the outside in, and the potential for disruptive innovation in health and wellness has never been as great. Converging technologies, cost of entry and regulatory and market drivers are all serving to accelerate the pace of change amongst health organisations enabling the patients of tomorrow to become the CEO’s of their own health.

Who can apply?

We are seeking both ‘Idea Owners’ and ‘Skilled Professionals’ wishing to join a team. These may include:

  • Clinicians
  • Creatives, designers, inventors
  • Engineers with experience in building great products
  • Healthcare app developers
  • Managers of healthcare institutions
  • Researchers and academics
  • Seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs
  • Business professionals, commercial experts
  • Senior health or social care professionals


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