Our Programmes

NDRC sources and builds digital startups to invest in and work with.

NDRC builds and invests in startups through our intense accelerator programmes, offering between €30,000 - €100,000 per company.

Through our pre-acceleration programmes NDRC works with idea owners and teams to unearth technology solutions to industry specific problems.

Dublin Digital Exchange

The Hopstore on Rainsford Street, now called the Digital Exchange, has been home to NDRC since 2007.

The Hopstore was constructed in two stages in the period 1879 – 1883 by W.W. Wilson. It was built to house the growing stocks of hops that accompanied the Brewery’s rising output during the 1860s and 1870s.

Standing four stories tall, the Hopstore was built from locally produced Dolphins Barn brick. Each floor was approximately 9,000 sq ft in area, gave a total of 35,000 sq ft of storage. 

This great hop store was first used in May 1882.  When full it contained 7,500 hop pockets totalling over 15,000 hundredweight of hops.

Galway – The PorterShed

Based in the PorterShed in Eyre Square, Galway, this initiative is a collaboration from Enterprise Ireland, NDRC and GCID (Galway City Innovation District) aims to drive the growth of digital startups nationally.

In September 2015, renovation started on what was formerly a Guinness storehouse, owned by CIÉ. The PorterShed emerged and in April 2016 it opened its doors to startup companies and officially opened in May.

NDRC started operations in The Portershed during 2017, with the introduction of its first 10 startups revealed in August.

NDRC has to date built and invested in 226 companies, which have created more than 800 jobs to date, with 35 the average age of our founders