12 teams selected for NDRC’s autumn Pre-Accelerator Programme

The 12 participants of this Pre-Accelerator Programme will work on problem-solution fit, idea validation, exploring market opportunities and accessing a network of mentors and experts.

NDRC’s autumn Pre-Accelerator Programme begins this month, with Thursday 14 September marking the opening day of a five-week intensive programme for 12 teams of entrepreneurs.

As one of the leading business accelerators in the world, NDRC promises a great learning journey designed to get these entrepreneurs ready for the autumn call for its its investment programmes.

The participants of this Pre-Accelerator Programme will work on problem-solution fit, idea validation, exploring market opportunities and accessing a network of mentors and experts.

Short term, less intense and more fluid than NDRC's core activity, pre-acceleration plays a valuable role in stimulating ideas among potential entrepreneurs. It also helps to connect corporates and startups interested in digital transformation.

NDRC finds, builds and invests in digital companies and startup teams with the potential to grow internationally. To date, NDRC has worked with over 226 companies, which have raised €152m in follow-on investment funding that now employ more than 800 people directly.

NDRC will be pushing entrepreneurs hard and expects them to challenge themselves quickly and objectively.

“There has been strong competition for a place on the programme. We’re delighted to welcome these exciting entrepreneurs into NDRC,” said Helen Fullen, Pre-Accelerator Leader at NDRC. “Those taking part will benefit from an intensive pre-acceleration experience designed to prepare them as viable candidates for future investment opportunities at NDRC.”

The 12 teams taking part are:

Appetize is a multi-platform social dinning app, allowing a strong community to organise, host, promote and attend dining events.

CALculate My Menu offers an affordable automated allergen and calorie labelling system to Foodservice outlets, real-time product information ensuring compliance with existing EU-wide and the imminent Irish legislation and make us the most suitable service for QSRs, hotels and pubs.

Cognition is a performance optimisation solution for B2B clients in manufacturing and asset intensive sectors. Using automation, we identify anomalies in their enterprise data and direct operational managers or systems where to make interventions within their Operations using evidence-led, fully costed, intelligence alerts. We enhance resilience and reduce operating costs of their daily activities.

Go Yeti is a ticketing system tailor made for the SME Bus Industry. Through the Go Yeti platform, bus operators can easily sell tickets online - boosting their revenue, cutting cost and driving brand engagement with passengers through new and existing online channels.

Jukebox is a platform that provides different methods of streaming music into untapped verticals to increase a musician’s exposure. We will start with the biggest opportunity, mobile gaming, via building a streaming API.  

LocoMote is intelligent delivery of mobile aware content.

LYNKMechanic makes car servicing an online experience. Unlike going to a garage, booking on LYNKMechanic’s web-based platform brings trusted qualified mechanics to the motorist’s door.

meetingRoom helps you run highly effective meetings, from anywhere. From Fortune 500s to startups, we let teams get in a room together. Secure collaboration has a new home: Get started at getmeetingRoom.com.  

Property BaseCamp is an enterprise digital eco-system connecting employees with readily available property lettings that match their individual and unique needs, using profile based machine learning.

TicketChain is a digital ticket platform that allow clients to control their own primary markets, where they issue tickets, and their resale markets, where tickets can be resold peer-to-peer or reallocated. This has a huge range of applications but importantly it allows us to eradicate fraud and touting in the event industry as well as optimising the ticketing reallocation for other venues such as tourist attractions.

U-Clid is a Computer Vision and AI company bring the world of AR to architecture. 

UrbanFox uses artificial intelligence to turn retailer customer data into sales. It is the only marketing automation technology that self learns and can deliver an up to four-fold improvement over competitor.