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BookieWookies a Zulleon Creation.

BookieWookies is an exciting, dynamic, fun filled, safe and educational online environment for children. It will translate that environment and experience into real world physical product for retail and create global licensing and merchandising opportunities.

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ChildDiary is an easy to use learning journal to track children’s routines and involve parents.

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SlateState is a unique tool for teachers using devices such as the iPad. The SlateState Dashboard allows teachers see at a glance whether students are on task, meaning an end to classroom distractions like games, instant messaging, and web surfing. By connecting to our patent pending API, publishers can easily become part of the effort to support teachers using iPads and other devices in the classroom of the future.

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Sneaky Vegetables

Sneaky Vegetables is a game development company making a series of games that teach creative skills to children aged 6+. Our first game, Round the Block, teaches children the fundamentals of drawing 3D solid objects using tablet devices.

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