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We create brain-powered play in science-backed games which allow you to use your brainwaves to monitor, improve and track your focus.

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SmartSplint by SelfSense Technologies is a dental device for the diagnosis and monitoring of Bruxism (tooth grinding). Through the integration of a force sensor within a dental splint, it provides information to both dentist and patient to aid in management and treatment of the condition. SelfSense Technologies is a spin out company from Trinity College Dublin.

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We have developed a purpose-built financial and technical software tool that makes it easy to model and optimise projects in the renewable energy sector and assess whether they will make or lose money. Our software allows everyone in the supply chain on the project – developers, service providers and suppliers, engineers, funders and utilities – to work off the same page, and it offers a transparent, integrated view of the plan.

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Adama Innovations

Adama Innovations have a disruptive technology for advanced manufacturing. The company have developed a simple process for creating patterns, on a scale invisible to the human eye, on ultra-hard materials. The micro patterns can be applied to moulds and dyes used for the fabrication of medical devices, improving their capability and reducing the cost of manufacture.


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