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We create brain-powered play in science-backed games which allow you to use your brainwaves to monitor, improve and track your focus.

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SmartSplint by SelfSense Technologies is a dental device for the diagnosis and monitoring of Bruxism (tooth grinding). Through the integration of a force sensor within a dental splint, it provides information to both dentist and patient to aid in management and treatment of the condition. SelfSense Technologies is a spin out company from Trinity College Dublin.

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NovoGrid offers an intelligent control system that enables wind farms to deliver more renewable energy to the electricity grid. Founded by Dr. Andrew Keane, Dr. Peter Richardson and Paul Manning in 2014, NovoGrid is a spinout company from the Electricity Research Centre in University College Dublin

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Optrace Ltd is a producer of holographic labels to enhance security and branding on all types of packaging or labelling. Counterfeiting costs companies billions in revenue each year and there is legislation requiring manufacturers to provide stronger protection against counterfeit versions of their products entering the supply chain. Revenue loss due to counterfeiting is of major concern and it costs pharmaceutical industry alone in excess of $200Bn each year. Optrace produces individualised holograms in volume where each single label is as “unique as a fingerprint” and are the only producer able to manufacture these due to their patented process and secret know how. They are more effective at combating counterfeiting as they are very difficult to copy, hence, increasing revenue and consumer confidence in the brand.

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