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Professionally maintained archives are a treasure trove of inspiration for the creative teams of organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the world’s most successful brands capitalise on content they already own to fuel new campaigns, create new product lines and create their brand’s future history.

At Culture Ark, we bring a museum-grade digital archiving platform to innovative organisations to capture and harness their unique stories, culture and creative assets.

Capture the single greatest asset you own – your story.

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Legalshine is a tool for large organisations to control their legal costs. It takes data from legal bills around the organisation, understands the text, and uses benchmarking and analytics to eliminate waste. Governments, Banks, Insurance Companies and Multinationals are our customers.

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LoyLap digitally connects physical presence businesses with their customers. LoyLap offers a Customer Management Platform that facilities multiple customer centric activities, in one centrally reported system. Mobile Payments, sophisticated loyalty solutions, measurable social engagement, simple and elegant customer communication and much more, all available from LoyLap, with clear & quantitative results easily available to illustrate the ROI of activities at all times’

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Bizimply is the platform for single and multi-unit operators that organises and simplifies the day to day operations of restaurants and retail businesses.

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