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A project management tool focused on the specific requirements of the Process Industry for project control and validation throughout the build & development period. These process-orientated projects are hugely complex and can only feature zero tolerance and zero defects prior to launch.

Many of these projects experience issues as most are managed from remote engineering hubs away from the project site:

  • Enormous risks – both financial & reputational
  • Lack of visibility
  • Project delivery time delay & subsequent costs associated with delivering late

BiopharmaWatch aims to be the trusted source of validation for these projects, through a software application that will be as easy to use as facebook, delivered via a Saas business model.

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PayZorb is a social payments gateway for energy, waste, water, & telecoms utilities enabling a single point of integration for all social media platforms. PayZorb enables utility enterprises to drive their payment preferences through social media.


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VoucherLink amplifies engagement levels and investment returns of experience brand marketing using social and data analytics.

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