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FutureHealth – Applications now closed.

NDRC is looking for startups with a vision to create a new healthcare future. Health is being revolutionised from the outside in and the potential for disruptive innovation in health and wellness has never been as great. Converging technologies, cost of entry and regulatory & market drivers are all serving to accelerate the pace of change enabling the patients of tomorrow to become the CEOs of their own health.

NDRC together with the clinical expertise of UCD are seeking individuals who will impact, disrupt and solve global healthcare challenges. With our partners IconEY and Enterprise Ireland, we are looking for clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs to come forward with ideas. We are particularly interested in working with people to apply transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, wearables and digital therapeutics to health challenges. Is this you?

Through an eight-week, part-time ‘pre-accelerator’ programme starting in February, we will work with 10 new teams to validate high impact ideas that have the potential to be transformed into investable high impact new ventures that will change the future of health.

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