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HouseMyDog is an online service that connects dog owners with vetted dog sitters across Ireland and the UK. Like airbnb for dogs.

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Chasing Returns

Chasing Returns

Chasing Returns provides a professional quality risk management platform to non-professional (retail) traders.

The vast majority of traders win more trades than they lose, but only 15% of them convert this to consistent profitability. Emotions cloud our thinking so we hang on to losers too long and let go of winners too quickly.  The service finds the triggers in each person’s historical trade history, and provides them with a pre-trade dashboard to help them control their impulses.

Using the behavioural finance concepts popularized by nobel prize winner Daniel Kahnemann, it replaces their intuition (Thinking Fast) with anchored decision making (Thinking Slow); effectively enabling them to move past over-reaction into objectivity.

Trading losses are inevitable, but with the Chasing Returns platform traders can manage their losses more effectively, leading to significantly higher profits.



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Recipe Guru

Recipe Guru connects people with recipes from the worlds favourite chefs and their cookbooks. We make cookbooks mobile, affordable and customised on one beautifully curated freemium website and app.

Cookbooks à la carte!

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Adaptics’ vision is to bring people together over delicious food.  Applying technology and design to simplify and streamline cooking, makes it easy for anyone to take their kitchen skills to the next level.  Drop is an iPad-connected kitchen scale that works with an exclusive app to ensure home bakers get consistently great results using specially selected interactive recipes.  The Drop scale is able to rescale quantities, offer substitutions and share tips.  It’s the smart baking assistant at your side, helping every step of the way.  Drop was founded in 2012 in Dublin, Ireland and is based in San Francisco and Dublin.

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