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iGeoComms provide location-based communication platforms to large organsiations with geographically dispersed client bases.  Using secure cloud-based technology, they enable their clients to pinpoint their communications to their customer base.  iGeoComms systems help to improve relations between their clients and their clients’ customers as the platform allows a more refined and trusting relationship to evolve between these users helping to shape a mutual appreciation of their system and retain customers.

iGeoComms are initially focussed on providing a rapid information alert platform (R!SC) to the public service industry which will allow blue-light agencies, such as the Police and Fire services, to communicate pertinent information to targeted audiences at the press of a button. This will lead to better decision making minimising the impacts felt in public emergencies such as flooding and severe cold.  In turn, this will significantly reduce the cost of such events to the insurance industry.

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Exergyn is developing technology to convert low-grade waste heat (<120°C) to power.  The technology has the potential to significantly reduce fuel bills & carbon emissions across multiple industries world-wide.  The technology is particularly suited to industrial applications (e.g. Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Geothermal, Centralised Power Plant, and Cargo Shipping.  The founders, Alan Healy, Barry Cullen and Kevin O’Toole, have an impressive track record in, business, thermodynamics and material science.


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ParkYa is a customer intelligence and analytics platform for parking payment apps. Our service geolocation tags payments and offers customer intelligence to operators. We mine such information to empower virtual sign posting of parking, dynamic pricing and trigger targeted events such as promotions based on real time payment trends.

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Buildingeye sets out to make planning information easier to find by visualising what’s happening in a city. Members of the public can view what’s being planned in their neighbourhood, and businesses can subscribe to new project leads in Buildingeye’s planning lists. Buildingeye data is real time – which means less than 24 hours after city hall gets it, you get notified.

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