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Inventorium was an EU funded project run between NDRC in Ireland and CAST in Wales. Through the project NDRC worked with start-ups, existing businesses, social enterprises, institutions and individuals who sought to turn innovative ideas into profitable ones. Inventorium helped make this happen by building relationships and encouraging creative thinking through workshops, symposia and other events.

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Inforama is a collaborative cloud based data capture and document production platform.

Our web form technology enables organizations to design online and mobile forms. These forms can be completed by third parties or mobile workers on any device. The data captured via Inforama’s web forms can then be used to produce customer documents including contracts, reports, letters, forms and emails.

Enterprise users can use the Inforama APIs to integrate with in house systems and other cloud services.

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VLearning is a virtual worlds learning management system that plugs into traditional web based LMS, harnessing the power of 3D technology. These immersive spaces can be used for collaboration, information retrieval, personal learning, simulation training or social networking. Vlearning was a collaborative project between NDRCTrinity College Dublin, and VRising Ltd.

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Chasing Returns

Chasing Returns provides a decision support service to financial traders to help minimize their irrational responses to both losses (panic) and gains (greed). This allows them to optimise their returns by helping them to:

•       Make Better Decisions

•       Manage their Risk

•       Analyse their Performance

Recent work in the field of behavioural economics suggests that your personal psychology accounts for 60% of your success.  Chasing Returns provides the means to monitor, manage and improve each traders individual strengths and weaknesses.


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