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NDRC Inventorium works with start-ups, existing businesses, social enterprises, institutions and individuals who want to turn innovative ideas into profitable ones. Inventorium helps make this happen by building relationships and encouraging creative thinking through workshops, symposia and other events.

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ThoughtBox is an educational software provider delivering learning experiences in specific subject areas centered around Gameful Learning.

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My Goodpoints

My Goodpoints provides you with the opportunity to open your charity giving account and manage the many ways you can gather your money for donations such as Paypal  and Debit/Credit cards.

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Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tool from 3Funnel3funnel is a disruptive tool for digital agencies and data analysts. Most websites can be viewed as a funnel. Web visitors enter at the top and transition though the website on the way to making an online purchase, booking an appointment or requesting a call back. Funnel Analysis is the business of looking at this journey, and produces great returns for businesses that get it right. 3Funnel is designed to distill the all the digital marketing and website performance data down to key bits of information for decision making. 3Funnel is the bridge between the mountain of data, the digital marketer and the decision maker.

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