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Inventorium was an EU funded project run between NDRC in Ireland and CAST in Wales. Through the project NDRC worked with start-ups, existing businesses, social enterprises, institutions and individuals who sought to turn innovative ideas into profitable ones. Inventorium helped make this happen by building relationships and encouraging creative thinking through workshops, symposia and other events.

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We at Vivos believe that everyone was born with a unique blend of skills, talents and interests.  We believe that something magical happens when you find the thing that suits your unique blend best.  We believe that is when you come alive. That is Vivos.

We allow users to define their dream job – without constraints. We allow employers to define the perfect employee – without constraints. We then match their preferences and introduce one to the other.

Discovering your dream career can sometimes involve more than one single step. It’s a personal career discovery journey. We want to take you on that journey. We want to give you the courage to dream. We want you to experience Vivos.

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irish times fusion

Irish Times Fusion

The Irish Times launched Irish Times FUSION in April 2013, an initiative that brings startups together with creative agencies and advertising agencies to find new customers and grow their businesses. Once again NDRC LaunchPad provided its expertise in nurturing start-ups by embedding LaunchPad within the Irish Times’ building over the period of the programme.

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Boxever’s cloud platform enables travel retailers to build a scalable, cost-effective single customer view that powers 1-1 marketing and merchandising across every channel in real-time. Boxever improves conversion and increases transaction size by targeting customers individually.

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