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Inventorium was an EU funded project run between NDRC in Ireland and CAST in Wales. Through the project NDRC worked with start-ups, existing businesses, social enterprises, institutions and individuals who sought to turn innovative ideas into profitable ones. Inventorium helped make this happen by building relationships and encouraging creative thinking through workshops, symposia and other events.

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NDRC FinTech

Prepare your startup to start

With sponsorship from Bank of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, EY, Mediolanum International Funds & State Street

NDRC, in association with lead innovators in the Financial Services space, has established a new initiative for financial services startups at the very earliest stages of their development. Our proven approach will give you the tools, mentorship and team to get your startup off the ground.

This programme ran in 2014, and is now closed for applications.

If you have an early stage financial services startup idea, or have specialist skills that help get a new venture of the ground or if you have any questions about NDRC FinTech please contact us


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Gramma Music

GRAMMA Music is the first mobile music discovery & recommendation service which leverages smartphone sensory technology to get a snapshot of how you feel, what you’re doing, where you’re going and the world around you in order to find the perfect song for that moment in time, based on your tastes in music. GRAMMA selects and plays the perfect song to match every moment of your run, drive, party or just when you’re relaxing on the couch all without you lifting a finger.

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NovoGrid offers an intelligent control system that enables wind farms to deliver more renewable energy to the electricity grid. Founded by Dr. Andrew Keane, Dr. Peter Richardson and Paul Manning in 2014, NovoGrid is a spinout company from the Electricity Research Centre in University College Dublin

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