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LocalSocial helps create meaningful engagements with on-premise visitors, so your app can react as someone arrives, stands in front or a product, or moves from one area to another. It can trigger a greeting as a customer crosses the threshold, display stunning product information, unlock offers and rewards in-store and collect actionable analyitcs in the process.

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LoyLap digitally connects physical presence businesses with their customers. LoyLap offers a Customer Management Platform that facilities multiple customer centric activities, in one centrally reported system. Mobile Payments, sophisticated loyalty solutions, measurable social engagement, simple and elegant customer communication and much more, all available from LoyLap, with clear & quantitative results easily available to illustrate the ROI of activities at all times’

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Localmint helps consumers to find local retailers extremely easily via our app or website. In April over 850k consumers accessed the service across Ireland, the UK and Australia in order to quickly find key details like store opening hours and location information.

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Adyuka is a social e-commerce tool.  Their web app eliminates the hassle of online searching by saving relevant product information with ease. Users can review their items in one place and share with friends, allowing them to make the best choice possible. Adyuka is a new way to shop online together.

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