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Pewter Games Studios

Pewter Games Studios is a game development studio motivated by a narrative-driven ethos of quality game creation. Pewter Games Studios focuses on creating rich and original gaming experiences as well as creative and engaging mobile apps.

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Social Arcade

Social Arcade is an online, drag & drop template service for launching multi platform, branded Apps, Quizzes and Games – aimed at Creative Agencies and SME’s as a tool for competition and engagement.




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Sock Monster Media

Sock Monster Media bring a design led approach to the production of children’s entertainment. With a collective 5 children they understand the challenges of parenthood and are developing a series of interactive eBooks ‘A Zoo in my Shoe’ to give parents a guilt-free 15 minute break!


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Logo for Artomatix


Artomatix is developing the next generation of art tools which will automate digital media creation. Ballooning costs for art development is the number one pain for both the video game and animation industries. Artomatix directly solves this problem by applying machine learning and big data concepts to art creation, enabling the computer to take over many tedious and time consuming aspects of art creation. The company stems from a TCD PhD graduate Dr Eric Risser who has been researching the area of computer graphics for 10 years. Artomatix CEO and co-founder, Neal O’Gorman, has founded and exited a number of companies and managed a product line with revenues exceeding €150m.

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