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Think Biosolution

Think Biosolution is making your smartphone camera the future of healthcare. Our products allow users to measure pulse, respiratory rate and blood oxygen level using smartphone cameras, while you are at home, training or at the gym. We combine these with deep learning to track your wellness and fitness, towards developing a healthcare monitoring platform.


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We create brain-powered play in science-backed games which allow you to use your brainwaves to monitor, improve and track your focus.

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NVMdurance makes Solid State Disks (SSD) last about 10 times longer by providing software that extends the endurance of the Flash memory used in the SSDs.
At Flash Memory Summit 2013 they won Most Innovative Technology after demonstrating endurance improvements greater than tenfold. They are currently running trials on specific NAND Flash devices in co-operation with SSD manufacturers and flash foundries and expect their technology to be shipping in SSD products in 2014.

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SmartSplint by SelfSense Technologies is a dental device for the diagnosis and monitoring of Bruxism (tooth grinding). Through the integration of a force sensor within a dental splint, it provides information to both dentist and patient to aid in management and treatment of the condition. SelfSense Technologies is a spin out company from Trinity College Dublin.

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