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Think Biosolution

Think Biosolution is making your smartphone camera the future of healthcare. Our products allow users to measure pulse, respiratory rate and blood oxygen level using smartphone cameras, while you are at home, training or at the gym. We combine these with deep learning to track your wellness and fitness, towards developing a healthcare monitoring platform.


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Exergyn is developing technology to convert low-grade waste heat (<120°C) to power.  The technology has the potential to significantly reduce fuel bills & carbon emissions across multiple industries world-wide.  The technology is particularly suited to industrial applications (e.g. Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Geothermal, Centralised Power Plant, and Cargo Shipping.  The founders, Alan Healy, Barry Cullen and Kevin O’Toole, have an impressive track record in, business, thermodynamics and material science.


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NovoGrid Logo


NovoGrid offers an intelligent control system that enables wind farms to deliver more renewable energy to the electricity grid. Founded by Dr. Andrew Keane, Dr. Peter Richardson and Paul Manning in 2014, NovoGrid is a spinout company from the Electricity Research Centre in University College Dublin

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SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Health enables mental healthcare professionals to rapidly create and deliver a broad range of engaging computerised therapeutic programmes to their clients online.

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