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Vizi is an online platform to facilitate the contextualisation of statistical data.  The ultimate objective of this project is to unlock the value of data by creating a platform that will enable users to visualise, manipulate and track data in a way that is meaningful for them.  Vizi was a joint venture project between NDRC, IADT, UCD, and Twelve Horses Ltd.

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Storybuilding smartphone app and collaborative cloud based video editor that enables skilled movie-making of the popular events that are shared on social networks. ShotClip currently has 12,000 users with 4000 new users signing up each month

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YapMe is a mobile application that redefines the photo sharing space and the way we capture memories.

It allows you to take stunning HD pictures, attaching the surrounding  sound and share them easily with your friends and followers on your YapMe feed, popular Social-Networks or on its native private messenger.

YapMe is also powerful platform for brands and businesses in order to express your creativity, promote your brand and connect with your audience in a different way. Join our community!

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Tubett is gamifying how people consume, interact and share YouTube videos; by creating a social game where players can buy/sell videos in a fantasy stock market. Value of the stock fluctuates in proportion to video’s popularity. They are transforming social actions on videos, of over 100 million people per week, into a game.

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