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Vizi is an online platform to facilitate the contextualisation of statistical data.  The ultimate objective of this project is to unlock the value of data by creating a platform that will enable users to visualise, manipulate and track data in a way that is meaningful for them.  Vizi was a joint venture project between NDRC, IADT, UCD, and Twelve Horses Ltd.

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Tubett is gamifying how people consume, interact and share YouTube videos; by creating a social game where players can buy/sell videos in a fantasy stock market. Value of the stock fluctuates in proportion to video’s popularity. They are transforming social actions on videos, of over 100 million people per week, into a game.

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Running a big and noteworthy photography competition is a wicked and messy problem. Thousands of users, photographs and euro have to be managed. It costs upwards of €100,000 to deliver a successful photography awards. Using Picturk you’ll deliver a better experience and save 30% on costs.

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In a world where digital messaging is making everyone more contactable than ever, Meebler is helping businesses to simply connect to their customers over multiple channels in a socially responsible way, whilst allowing consumers to streamline their lives with control over their personal contact details, keeping them private and secure.

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