What we do

NDRC builds and invests in very young digital companies, or startups. Our offering of early stage investment and development support is what makes us unique.

With ten years’ experience, NDRC’s key skill lies in finding companies and teams with the potential to grow internationally.

Once a company joins NDRC, the team works intensively with each, over a short time frame, to help them understand what value their company can offer customers, their strategy for growth and getting them ready to meet the demands of both investors and customers.

The short time span and the intensity of this commercialisation work is the acceleration process. It is this offering of capital investment and development support that makes NDRC effective.

Approximately 20 per cent of our founders are international.

Approximately 50 per cent of the companies NDRC invests in go on to receive follow-on investment, with 25 per cent securing at least €250,000, allowing them to continue on their path to growth.

Around half of the companies NDRC has supported are still operating, or have exited, well ahead of international norms.

NDRC’s track record means investors view NDRC as a very effective filter that helps them find quality digital startups.

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