Understanding The Supports Available

Alot is being written about the changing world around us as Covid-19 continues to spread across borders. Here are some key articles to read about the startup ecosystem and the funding environment.

A Guide to Applying for Irish Government Support

This guide from Stripe provides information on how the government in Ireland is offering support to businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and how you can access that aid.

"Businesses all across Ireland are grappling with the challenges posed by COVID-19. In response to these turbulent times, the government has developed a package of programs to support Irish businesses as well as to stimulate the Irish economy.

"These programs consist of a variety of initiatives designed to support a range of business needs, such as fostering investment, boosting business growth, and eliminating the need for layoffs."



TechIreland has created a nice little map of Irish companies working towards solutions to Covid-19. The CovidBizMap shows all the innovations, projects and funding now available to fight Covid-19 is now live on the TechIreland site. "Thanks for InterTradeIreland's support. Over the last week, we've identified over a 100 projects and supports and we are continuing to add more. Thanks to all who have contributed and shared information about relevant projects."

Decoding the economic and contagious enigma of Covid-19 (London Business School)

'There is an urgent need for governments to be deeply intelligent in their management of the health crisis itself. Concurrently – and this is where Turing style genius needs to come into play - for the good of social cohesion, the equilibrium of the markets and the health of businesses great and small, governments must also convey an abundant sense of surety in order to best support businesses, institutions and people.'

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What's Plan B? The Lifeboat Strategy for Your Startup - by Steve Blank

'This is the one blog post that I hope I'm completely wrong about. With the Covid-19 virus a worldwide pandemic, if you're leading any startup, you have to be asking yourself, "What's Plan B? And what's in my lifeboat?" Here are a few thoughts about operating in uncertainty in a pandemic.'

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5 Founders Explain How to Raise Money During a Financial Crisis

Joe Wish spoke with dozens of my most trusted advisors, people who survived and thrived — or crashed and burned — during 2001 and 2008 and have stories to tell. This article contains some of the best tips from those conversations.

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Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO - by Steve Horowitz

Peacetime and Wartime management techniques can both be highly effective when employed in the right situations, but they are very different. The Peacetime CEO does not resemble the Wartime CEO.

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Webinars for Irish Companies

Gearoid Kearney's Medium post lists a collection of webinars that could come in handy to founders.

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Covid-19 Key considerations for your business

Grant Thornton recently spoke about how the current pandemic could affect your business: The topics discussed include:

  • Working capital management and optimisation;
  • Covid 19 employment law and other related legal considerations;
  • Employee engagement and maintaining a high performance culture;
  • Global macroeconomic implications and remaining potential investment opportunities; and
  • Covid 19 Key tax considerations.

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