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NDRC, which builds and invests in early stage digital and technology startups, saw its portfolio of companies enjoy a positive 2017.

Many of NDRC portfolio companies announced follow-on investments throughout the 12 months. Some of the companies who made headlines with their announcements included Nuritas and Tandem HR.

Having invested in 28 new companies during 2017, the number of companies invested in by NDRC has now exceeded the 250 mark since its foundation in 2007.

NDRC was named in the top-two accelerators in Europe in 2018. Finishing just behind imec in Belgium, NDRC’s position as a leading accelerator was confirmed in the ‘World Top Business Accelerator – Collaborating with University’ category.

UBI Global, the Stockholm-based research and advisory firm that produces regional and global studies that map and evaluate the world of business acceleration, revealed the results last week.