After You Apply to NDRC

Hundreds of entrepreneurs reach out to NDRC in search of investment opportunities each year, however we endeavour to respond to everybody after they initially make contact, and build a relationship thereafter.

Once you apply to NDRC, our team will review your application.

Successful applicants will then be invited to NDRC’s offices to pitch. The invitation to pitch will be sent by email to the lead applicants email address as stated on the application form.

Can you progress in a meaningful way in the next 6-12 months?

Those that come in to meet NDRC will be given feedback on their businesses, and those those that pitch to us subsequent to those meetings, and are ultimately unsuccessful, will receive further feedback from the NDRC team.

Many of NDRC’s portfolio companies have been unsuccessful with their first pitch to NDRC but after taking our detailed feedback on board have returned and impressed our team with a developed proposition.

If at first you don't succeed...

Full details of the logistics of the pitch will be detailed beforehand, however when preparing for your pitch to NDRC it is worth considering it will be assessed under the following categories:

The Grab

What’s your overall vision/purpose/ambition? Why is it compelling?

The Problem

What’s the big problem you plan to address? What makes it a critical issue for your customers?

The Solution

What is your solution? What’s innovative about it? What exists today? What’s your product vision and road-map?

The Opportunity

How big is your specific addressable market? Demonstrate your understanding of the market e.g. segmentation, size, dynamics, trends, push/pull etc.

The Competitive Advantage

What are the alternative solutions to the problem you are addressing? What makes your approach better? Is this significant enough?

Customer Validation/ Traction

Have you evidence of value creation with potential customers? Can you quantify the value creation based on customer feedback? Outline your hypothesis (business model) about how you intend to capture a share of this. What are your revenue projections at year three?

The Team

What makes your team the right team to succeed? Do you have experience of the problem/market being addressed or unique access to customers? Have you the ability to build and quickly iterate your product (in-house or outsourced). We are looking for multidisciplinary teams with the ambition, attitude and resilience to build a globally scalable tech startup.

The Reality Check

Do you think that by taking part in an NDRC investment programme your team can reach seed investor readiness in six-nine months? Outline what you believe is required to achieve this. What are your riskiest assumptions? What’s needed to test these? How quickly can this be done?