What We Offer

Ireland’s most successful digital accelerator is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and teams transform solid ideas into commercially viable startups and become “investor ready” for next stage investment.

In addition to an initial cash investment of between €30,000 and €100,000 per company, the NDRC team provides strategic business development advice and intensive mentoring by experts in digital enterprises, innovation, finance, investment, marketing and communications.

NDRC decides on what level of cash investment each venture qualifies for through investigating each venture's business model separately. Those suited to the larger investment must include deep industry or research-based knowledge or technology.

NDRC currently ranks as no. 6 University Business Accelerator in the World and no. 2 University Business Accelerator in Europe by the UBI Global Index.

NDRC sources and builds digital startups to invest in and work with.

NDRC’s Investment Programmes offer startup teams:

  • Investment of between €30k and €100k per venture
  • 12 to 24 weeks working alongside a broad spectrum of start-ups, innovators and investors.
  • Expert mentorship in areas such as Company Financials, Investor Readiness, Marketing, PR and Business Model Innovation.
  • Weekly workshops and networking with acknowledged thought leaders.
  • The opportunity to build their connections with the investment community