NDRC named in top-two accelerators in Europe

NDRC has once again featured highly in UBI Global’s international rankings of startup accelerator programmes.

NDRC, which sources and builds digital start-ups to invest in and work with, has launched its first programme of 2018, has been named in the top-two accelerators in Europe.

Finishing just behind imec in Belgium, NDRC’s position as a leading accelerator was confirmed in the ‘World Top Business Accelerator – Collaborating with University’ category.

UBI Global, the Stockholm-based research and advisory firm that produces regional and global studies that map and evaluate the world of business acceleration, revealed the results last week.

Canada was home to several other startups featured highly in NDRC’s section, with a total of 1,370 programmes considered by UBI. The full collection of considered programmes spanned 53 countries.

"We're delighted to once again feature highly in UBI's rankings. This is evidence of the hard work of our team over the couple of years, with NDRC's growth evidenced by our branching out into more regional locations,” said Ben Hurley, CEO of NDRC.

"It's always nice to receive recognition, and this award highlights again the startup ecosystem’s view that NDRC is the best place to start your digital venture in Ireland. Nonetheless, our focus is on impact rather than accolades, so we’re pressing on with our plans for the coming months and years to further add to our unmatched track record.

“Building startups to a point where follow-on investment can be sustainably attracted remains our target."

According to UBI, a top university-linked program is a business accelerator connected to an institution of higher education that achieves outstanding impact and performance relative to its global peers.

The programme outperforms its global peers with regard to the value it provides to its innovation ecosystem and its client startups, as well as the attractiveness of the program itself.

The UBI Global World Benchmark Study 2017/2018 shows participating programmes accepted over 10,000 new client startups. Furthermore, over the past five years, these same ventures generated over $3.2 billion in sales revenue and raised a combined total of over $4.7 billion in funding.

“Our goal is to visualise the many great accomplishments achieved by the business incubation community. By highlighting the impact and performance of these programs, we are not only helping incubators and accelerators to become more efficient, but we are also assisting government officials in developing their respective innovation ecosystems.

“The benchmark and rankings also enable corporations to make informed partnership and investment decisions about the incubation programs and the startups they intend to engage with.”