Tandem HR Solutions

NDRC’s Tandem HR Solutions provides digital HR tech that enhances organisations’ ability to provide a rich feedback and coaching culture, allowing them to benefit from a measurable, tangible way to enhance workplaces.

Managing people and measuring performances is not something every company does well, and we’re all aware of experiences both good and bad. In the workplace this can prove quite an issue, with companies finding it harder than ever to retain their valued employees.

So when assistance such as Tandem’s continuous feedback tool emerges, it’s understandable that businesses are taking note.

The Dublin-based, NDRC-backed startup came about thanks to the founders’ experiences of working with performance management practices for years, and noting that there may be a better way of doing it.

Using Tandem’s tool, managers and employees can provide regular feedback to their colleagues via app or desktop. Tandem, in turns, analyses the patterns of feedback, providing an individualised coaching report to the receiver, empowering them with greater self-awareness to take ownership over their own development needs.

This allows HR departments to receive advanced analytics that measure the extent of feedback and coaching capability throughout their organisation.

“NDRC was a game-changer for Tandem … it got us investment-ready, showing us who to talk to and where to go”

- Aisling Teillard, Tandem CEO

“At Tandem we believe that continuous feedback and coaching capability are the key steps necessary to achieve sustainable high performance in organisations,” said Aisling Teillard, CEO and co-founder of Tandem.

“That’s why we’ve built the Tandem Way, a unique technology solution combined with a change management methodology, that will deliver an unrivalled environment where feedback and coaching drive not only individual growth but real business outcomes.”

With more than 25 years’ experience working in HR, Teillard and her fellow co-founders Clare Bonham and Jim O’Brien felt performance management was transforming and needed clear and tangible feedback processes to ensure its relevance in today’s workforce. Through Tandem, that can be delivered.

Launched in 2016, Tandem currently employs three people, with plans for significant expansion in the coming years.

Tandem’s growth has been evident, with current clients including Swiss Re, Manulife and ABN Amro coming after the company’s successful route through NDRC’s Female Founders Programme, in association with Enterprise Ireland.

“NDRC was a game-changer for Tandem,” said Teillard, “it got us investment-ready, showing us who to talk to and where to go”.

“It was also a great way to ‘check yourself’,” she said, noting the role mentors play in making entrepreneurs really think about what it is they want to build, for who, and why.

“Long-term, we would like to be the number one feedback and coaching tool of choice for mid- to large-scale organisations,” said Teillard, whose company won the prestigious DisruptHR prize at HR Tech Congress in Paris in the past.