Nuritas uses smart bioinformatics technology to identify new beneficial natural peptides allowing companies to bring scientifically proven products to market, faster and more affordably. Nuritas is founded by Dr. Nora Khaldi, a world expert in the area of food informatics.


Nuritas uses big data techniques to discover peptides – molecules in food and food byproducts – that can be used by the life sciences sector in supplements and new drugs. The company says it can find these peptides 10 times faster and 500 times more accurately than traditional methods while also significantly reducing costs.

Nuritas combines IT and life sciences expertise to mine DNA and protein data from plant materials in the hope of discovering new food components to help prevent, manage and possibly even cure disease.

A 2018 discovery by Nuritas saw a partnership with biopharma giant BASF, which will bring PeptAIde to market. PeptAIde is a patented network of anti-inflammatory bioactive peptides discovered by Nuritas’s proprietary AI platform. The product is being launched commercially in the US with additional launches in Asia Pacific and Europe in 2019.

PeptAIde comprises a unique peptide network unlocked from rice protein developed to alleviate inflammation, the body’s response to injury. Research demonstrates that the consumption of PeptAIde leads to anti-inflammatory responses by modulating cytokine responses and immune activity.