Bad data is worse than no data when you’re on the water and dependant on technology to tell you what you need, but can’t see. The consequences of this include limited boat usage, accidents, and significant churn in the market-place. The Raceix solution begins with next-generation mapping to provide the best marine data available today.


Marine leisure is a sector which is yet to fully embrace and execute the benefits which modern consolidated technology can offer. This has resulted in:

• unnecessarily complicated and counter-intuitive presentation of critical data, meaning a significant barrier to entry

• In parallel this non-customer-first group-think is creating enormous customer churn

• On the water this is leading to significant levels of deaths and accidents

• Finally, without embracing contemporary data-gathering methodology, the industry is leaving significant opportunities on the table

Raceix has built the world’s best marine-guidance platform, one which is poised to become the industry standard. We take the best-in-class approach to visual, tech-enhanced navigation that a consumer has come to expect, and combine it with previously untapped data sources to greatly enhance the platform. This is done in conjunction with the top governmental bodies in the world - such as the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Marine Institute here in Ireland. We’re the only company in the world doing this work.